Thank you to everyone who participated in the Dispersal Sale!

Looking forward to seeing everyone back in Bowling Green for the 2014 Hudson/Valentine Sale.

Our current herd is the result of years of hard work and planning.  We set high standards for our herd through the use of the finest females and herd sires. 

We became involved with Texas Longhorn cattle back in 1979 and immediately fell in love with them.  The longhorns coupled with the friends we made over the years tied the knot that has made us proud longhorn producers.  Our blended herd today has a heavy influence of Doherty 698, Hoffman and Graves breeding mixed with strong genetics from leading programs of the past 15 years or so.  We also enjoy our relationships with all the associations.  We are lifetime members of TLBAA, ITLA and TLMA, and we will always be strong advocates of uniting our associations.  It would eliminate duplicate effort and expense and make the industry stronger.

Panther Creek Ranch, Joe and Lorinda Valentine